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Welcome to Upvest, Juha!

Despite the uncertain times that characterized the first half of 2020, we have been on a mission to build a world class team of dedicated and experienced individuals to lead our company in the right direction. We take great pride in achieving to attract talent such as the CTO of several known Fintech companies, Juha Ristolainen.

Juha has been a trusted advisor for the past 2 years and with Upvest’s focus of becoming the digital security platform of the future he felt it was an opportunity not to be passed up.

“I have been involved in the blockchain space for several years already as an advisor, and working on projects at various places but with Upvest there is a proper use case for the technology. We are a FinTech providing a service and blockchain is just an implementation detail.” said Juha when he was asked why he chose to join our startup.

Upvest envisions a world in which any asset can be owned and traded digitally by anyone, anywhere. It was very important for us to find in each new colleague a match to our values and vision. With Juha this was instantly achieved. He’s a fierce believer of financial inclusion and advocates for the disruption of the industry to bring more possibilities to the end user.

“I also like to work on products that have an impact. The asset management space is ripe for disruption and bringing it into the digital world similarly to what has happened in banking. With these technologies we can make things much more efficient, we can save costs for all parties involved and most importantly we can enable many more people to take part in this space.”

As the Chief Technology Officer of Upvest, he’s on a mission to build the best platform for companies to build services around issuing, holding, and trading with digital assets. He wants to provide the best in class B2B API to integrate to, and he’s personally motivated to build and empower a world-class product team to achieve Upvest mission.

Juha has 34 years of programming experience and two decades building digital services for a living. He spent the early part of his career helping to grow a Finnish Lean Service Creation agency from Helsinki to a pan-European player with hundreds of employees in multiple countries. 

“I have worked building different kinds of products in travel, automotive, logistics, eCommerce and FinTech. I have worked with startups as a startup accelerator CTO as well as corporate innovations units as the CTO. But I am a techie at heart, and I want to build services that solve a problem, that are useful and provide value to their users. That is why I am now at Upvest.”

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