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Exporo has built the first secondary market for tokenized real estate trading

Exporo continues to be at the forefront of disrupting the real estate market. Together, we helped facilitate over 600 transactions with a total volume of more than €700,000 in the secondary market. This is another remarkable step towards democratizing the real estate market, and adds to our mission to enable anyone to invest in securities. 

Investing with low minimum capital requirements is definitely an advantage, but many private investors regard the traditionally long holding periods of the investments as risky. Uvpest’s crypto custody solution enables an easily accessible secondary market for all Exporo real estate projects. 

The tokenization is fueling Exporo's growth plans. The digital infrastructure that we provide liberates Exporo from the dependencies of local financial institutions and enables faster pan-European growth. In addition, existing and to-be-developed real estate products are no longer tied only to the Exporo platform and its secondary market, but, with our support in the future, can also be transferred to other distribution partners. This gives Exporo a greater exposure to potential investors for their real estate projects and greater brand awareness.

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