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Martin Kassing

September 23, 2020

Exporo and Upvest PartnershipExporo and Upvest Partnership

Exporo Issues Token-Based Bond with Upvest

Exporo is Germany’s largest real estate crowdfunding platform and one of our flagship clients. Using Upvest for token storage, Exporo has issued the first digital real estate collateralized security, raising approximately €3 million from over 1000 investors within one day. The integration of Upvest enables the platform to provide users the opportunity to access their assets from anywhere in the world and reduce custody costs by 90%.

A non-custodial solution to decrease costs and enhance user experience

Generally, a custodian is required for the storage of assets, causing high costs and limited access to the users’ assets. The tokenization of assets using the Upvest non-custodial solution eliminates this problem and significantly reduces the cost of asset storage. Any asset can be tokenized, even assets that are typically not available on exchanges like real estate, certificates, and container ships. This fractionalization of real assets using blockchain technology enhances the liquidity of illiquid markets.

Asset Tokenization simplified

Upvest makes the process of asset tokenization simple. The issuer files the security token prospectus with the local regulator, similar to the prospectus filing for traditional security issuance. Smart contracts are then developed for the creation and distribution of the tokens. Investors do not need to understand blockchain technology to securely store their assets due to Upvest’s simple wallet access management. Issuers are able to live-track their investors, assisting them with compliance reports. The full process is outlined in the figure below.

We are on a mission to eliminate unnecessary custody fees and help your business provide a better user experience for your customers on a global scale. Get in touch now if you would like to ease the life of your users and reduce your custody costs.

Martin Kassing

CEO & Founder

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