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Pranay awarded KERNEL Web3 Fellowship

Upvest is always looking for ways to engage in the blockchain community and is excited to have our Software Engineer, Pranay Valson be accepted into Gitcoin’s KERNEL Web3 fellowship program. The fellowship is an exclusive programme for 100 devs from around the world for 8 weeks with the mission to grow open source, organized by Gitcoin. This programme previously has been at the core of emerging great products in Web3, such as Metamask, Portis, AAVE, Infura, Bancor, Uniswap and Stellar. These projects have raised more than $150M in total and some have been acquired by companies like ShapeShift and ConsenSys.

In the program for top tech talent, Pranay will be building with selected fellows, a project to solve an urgent problem in Web3. This enables Upvest to future proof itself for the community switch to Ethereum 2.0 and further staying prepared for the performance upgrades it will bring to blockchain technology.

Upvest is further driven to strengthen relationships and build better products in the Web3 space for making asset tokenization achievable at scale. Surrounded by leading mentors and ambitious members, we have the opportunity to build essential relationships and inspire future fellows to collaborate in building the new, open Web.

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