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Scaling Fintech Products in Europe

With the pendulum shifting back to rebundling services around the customer, fintechs have reached an inflection point in their growth. The success of their first products has led to opportunities to expand. Nonetheless, moving to a multi-line company has its challenges, and when it comes to scaling a product, fintechs find themselves in a battle to best allocate resources.

Lucky for these companies, building proprietary infrastructure is no longer necessary. As the panelists of our past webinar discussed, there are services that are covering the technological and regulatory part of the infrastructure development. Doing the heavy lifting for fintechs, and allowing them to go to market faster with the new line of services.

With first hand experience in the matter, our guests discussed how European companies are scaling in spite of today’s crisis, and gave their advice to startups attempting to build products from scratch.

In a panel moderated by Lindsay Davis, the Director and co-founder of Intelligence at Caliber Corporate Advisers, we had:

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