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Upvest and Crowdlitoken have partnered to bring digital real estate investment opportunities to retail investors

  • Crowdlitoken has integrated Upvest custody solution to offer digital securities to retail investors

  • Users can now access and manage easily their digital real estate investments through Crowdlitoken’s platform

Companies offering real estate investments are faced with high issuing, distribution, and custody costs when banking on traditional rails. As the investments are hard to standardize, it is challenging to securitize them cost-efficiently.

To avoid these limitations, innovative fintechs like Crowdlitoken that want to bring digital real estate investments to retail investors, partner with Upvest to bank on blockchain technology as a custody and settlement layer. Crowdlitoken provides users the opportunity to invest in digital real estate assets with a low minimum investment, through an intuitive and digital first platform. 

The implementation of Upvest as a crypto custodian and infrastructure provider, allows Crowdlitoken to offer an easy way to store and manage digital real estate securities directly, while benefiting from the reduction in the overall cost of custody and intermediation fees. 

As a result, Crowdlitoken can offer a high return investment product based on real assets at a lower price, through their online investor portal on crowdlitoken.com. These hand-picked digital real estate options are available to users at a minimum investment of 100 swiss francs/euros.

“The Upvest wallet service is the ideal custody solution for our investors. It allows us to offer a wallet to our clients which combines a high degree of security as well as user-friendliness for the safekeeping of Crowdlitoken bonds. Upvest is one of the pieces in the puzzle of new digital infrastructure needed to fulfil the promise of digital assets.” stated by Isabella Brom, the CIO of Crowdlitoken.

As an all-in-one securities API, Upvest not only provides a solution to safeguard digital assets, but also enables secondary market transactions, and takes care of all regulatory and cybersecurity aspects. By working in the background of the platform, Upvest’s customers can fully own their users since the investment process takes place exclusively within their customer experience.

Partnering with Crowdlitoken takes Upvest one step closer towards its mission to make securities digital and globally available. Executing on it by empowering fintechs across Europe to offer securities to everyone, everywhere. Enabling new cross-border distribution channels, and offering a cost-efficient modular infrastructure, easy to plug and play.

“Crowdlitoken is bringing more opportunities to retail investors by providing access to difficult asset classes like real estate. Working with Crowdlitoken towards the path of financial inclusion makes us proud of the impact of our partnership” Martin Kassing CEO of Upvest.

About Upvest

Founded in 2017 by CEO Martin Kassing, Upvest provides a highly scalable and modular API service that enables fintechs all over Europe to launch investment products easily. The team has built the underlying infrastructure to empower fintechs in developing modern and scalable investment products through its API.

About Crowdlitoken

Crowdlitoken issues the first blockchain-based, digital real estate bond “CRT”, which allows investors to benefit from a monthly return and to put together their individual real estate portfolio. For the first time, the digital financial product enables small investors to make attractive real estate investments according to their own needs (starting at CHF/EUR 100). The bond combines the advantages of direct and indirect real estate investments.

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