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Maria Daniela Perez

September 17, 2020

Upvest is one of the top 10 startups offering banking as a service in Europe

We were recognized as one of the top ten startups helping Fintechs grow by the data supplier Dealroom, in an article about the top fast-growing ‘Banking as a Service’ providers in Europe.

Our technology improves the fragmented financial industry and empowers financial institutions to provide digital securities to their investors. By implementing our solution, Fintechs are able to go to market sooner than expected, since we facilitate the infrastructure and licences necessary for them to access the benefits of a new financial platform and scale across Europe.

We are proud to be thought of as a company making a direct impact in the industry, alongside startups like Thought Machine, TrueLayer, Cardlay and Form3.

Maria Daniela Perez

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