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Philip BorchertPhilip Borchert

Welcome to Upvest, Philip!

It’s a pleasure for us to publicly introduce our new Head of People & Organisation, Philip Borchert! Philip joins us from Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange. He has been in Berlin’s startup and fintech scene for many years supporting high growth and digital innovation companies such as Finleap, HitFox (now Ioniq Group), and hy. He is obsessed with improving communication in companies as a secret weapon of growth. Let’s get to know him a bit better. 

So, Philip, you just finished your first week at Upvest! How did that feel? Did Coronavirus impact your job start?

It felt amazing. I had a great start and a warm welcome by the team. Everyone was prepared for my first days at work, and we have many interesting topics in the pipeline to continue to grow the team and to further build a great people experience at Upvest.
Of course, the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic made the experience special as I only met a few people in person in the office, adhering to the social distancing measures. Most of the team members I met only via video calls, which is certainly different from meeting in person. However, it was still a smooth start, and working remotely works very well at Upvest.

You worked in many places around the world, including Uganda, China and Turkey. What made you decide to come back to Berlin?

Since school times, I have been having a great interest in other countries and cultures and always wanted to live abroad. I was lucky to live this dream for many years and to live, study, and work in different countries. And I am pretty sure this itch for living abroad will never go away completely. However, after my latest stay abroad in Uganda, I also realized that Berlin had, over time, really become a place that I can call home, with many friends, a good network of people, and many opportunities within the startup environment. And of course, Berlin is a great city, and it is the new melting pot in which you can have a very international experience as well.

What makes Upvest your next career step?

Since 2017 I have been interested in the blockchain and crypto space and wanted to work in this area at some point to learn more about it, to be at the pulse of time, and to work in a field of technology that will revolutionize and democratize finance.
When I then learned about this position at Upvest and had the first calls and conversations with the team, I got really interested in joining. In the process, I talked to the people team, a team coach, and Martin, the CEO. After every conversation, I had a very good feeling about the team, the culture, and the roadmap of the company, so I got very excited about joining the team.
Furthermore, Upvest has a good size to join and to have an impact on the growth and development of the company from a people perspective. There are exciting times ahead, and I am looking forward to building and developing a great company together with the entire team.

What hobbies or interests excite you?

I love traveling and exploring new places, cultures, and food. It gives you the opportunity to put things in perspective, broaden your horizon, and learn a lot about yourself. Connected to traveling is also my passion for skiing in winter.
Furthermore, I enjoy meeting friends and never shy away from an interesting conversation.

Welcome to the team Philip!

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