A Noncustodial Wallet Experience Users Love

Whether you're tokenizing an asset, building an exchange, or pioneering a new blockchain use case, the Upvest wallet experience keeps users in control, no custodian needed.

Upvest non custodial wallets
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From asset tokenizers to cryptos, Upvest works with some of the world's most innovative blockchain apps in over 80 countries. We are Berlin-based and backed by investors including Holzbrinck Ventures, one of Europe's largest VCs.

Focus on your core business, not compliance

We've designed our solution to be noncustodial so users are in control.

  • Green Tick
    Users are always involved in asset interactions
  • No custody licenses or third-party custodians needed
  • Concentrate on what you do best, at a fraction of the cost
Compliant Blockchain Key Management System

Create a wallet experience your investors will love

We combine the highest security standards with an easy-to-use API to help you create a user-friendly wallet experience that's all your own.

Noncustodial in-app wallets

Our white-label solution allows your investors to easily transact from within your app, no complicated browser plugin required.

Blockchain Wallet in Application
Easy Login Experience

Seamless wallet experience

Your investors can control their wallets with just a username and password. No need to handle and secure complex private keys or seed phrases.

Secure credential recovery

The Upvest Recovery Kit ensures your users can easily recover access to their wallets, even if they lose their credentials.

Securly Reset Password
Optimization of Transaction Fees

Quick, hassle-free transactions

Upvest's forwarding contract ensures transactions go through almost instantly. You optimize your fees; your investors never even have to think about gas prices.

Build cheaper, leaner, and faster with our simple APIs

Savings on custody costs



Savings using Upvest wallets versus a traditional custodian

Resources saved on building



More efficient use of engineering time using Upvest versus building in-house

Time to build on blockchain

1 month

1 year +

Faster integration using Upvest versus building from scratch

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Security at Upvest

Security is our priority

At Upvest, security is of the utmost importance. We aim to exceed banking-grade security standards and employ industry-leading encryption techniques to ensure that user wallets are always protected.

Security at Upvest

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