A Non-custodial Wallet Experience Users Love

Whether you're tokenizing an asset, building an exchange, or pioneering a new blockchain use case, the Upvest wallet experience keeps users in control, no custodian needed.

Upvest non custodial wallets
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A better way to handle private keys

At Upvest, we designed a completely new way to manage blockchain wallets.
The users are in control, but without having to worry about private keys.

Non-custodial blockchain wallets


With users always in the driver’s seat, no third-party custodian is needed

Private key handling blockchain applications

Encrypted private keys

Private key data is securely generated and encrypted within our Enclave

Security by HSMs

Secured by HSMs

Keys are further encrypted using Hardware Security Modules (HSM) prior to storage

User friendly blockchain applications

User-friendly experience

As the users do not directly handle their keys, you can now create great user experiences

Blockchain private key management with Upvest

Wallets your users love

As your users do not have to manage private keys, you can now create a great wallet experience directly inside your application

Non-custodial wallets inside your platform

Your users should never leave your platform. Our white-label solution allows them to easily transact from within your app, no complicated browser plugin required.

Blockchain Wallet in Application
Easy Login Experience

Login with password

Your users can control their wallets with just a username and password. No need to handle and secure complex
private keys or seed phrases.

Easy and secure recovery

Seeds are easy to get lost or stolen. The Upvest Recovery Kit ensures your users can easily recover access to their wallets, even if they lose their credentials.

Securely Reset Password
Optimization of Transaction Fees

Hassle-free transactions

Upvest's forwarding contract ensures transactions go through instantly, without pre-funding the wallet. You optimize your fees; your users never have to think about gas prices.

Create wallets now

How does Upvest compare with other KMS solutions?

Upvest versus Competitors

Create a wallet experience your users will love

We combine the highest security standards with an easy-to-use API to help you create a user-friendly wallet experience that's all your own.


# Requires the Upvest library with your keys from the Upvest Platform.

# pip install upvest

from upvest.tenancy import UpvestTenancyAPI


# Create a user under your account

user = tenancy.users.create('username', 'password')

recovery_kit = user.recovery_kit

# Create a wallet for this user

from upvest.clientele import UpvestClienteleAPI

clientele = UpvestClienteleAPI('YOUR_CLIENT_ID','YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET','username', 'password')

asset_id = 'deaaa6bf-d944-57fa-8ec4-2dd45d1f5d3f'

ethereum_wallet = clientele.wallets.create(asset_id, 'password')


// Requires the Upvest library with your keys from the Upvest Platform.

// npm i @upvest/tenancy-api

const { UpvestTenancyAPI } = require('@upvest/tenancy-api');

// Create a user

const tenancy = new UpvestTenancyAPI(






(async () => {

const user = await tenancy.users.create('username', 'password');

const recoveryKit = user.recoverykit;


// Create a wallet for this user

// npm i @upvest/clientele-api

const { UpvestClienteleAPI } = require('@upvest/clientele-api');

const clientele = new UpvestClienteleAPI(







const ASSET_ID = 'deaaa6bf-d944-57fa-8ec4-2dd45d1f5d3f';

(async () => {

const ethereumWallet = await clientele.wallets.create(ASSET_ID, 'password');




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Create blockchain wallets, send and monitor transactions, with just a few lines of code.

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