Secure, Straightforward Key Management

The Upvest key management solution enables users to self-manage their private keys with the ease of a username and password login. Create wallets, represent assets, or otherwise manage private keys with a platform purpose-built to combine secure handling of cryptographic keys with an easy-to-use user experience that keeps the user in control.

Supported Protocols

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How does Upvest compare with other KMS solutions?

Upvest versus Competitors

What can you do with the Upvest KMS?

The Upvest KMS provides the following services. None of these are possible without the involvement of the end user.



A user masternode seed under which multiple keys can be derived.

Private key

A private key derived from a user account’s masternode seed.

Recovery kit

An encrypted artifact used for the recovery of an account (seed) in the event that account’s password is lost or forgotten.

Store and Operate

Encrypted private key storage

Masternode seed and private key data is stored in a doubly-encrypted format involving both the end-user’s password and a Hardware Security Module.

Transaction operations

Transactions can be requested to transfer an asset controlled by one private key to another blockchain destination.

General purpose signing interface

Any blockchain operation can be performed using a private key hosted by Upvest.


Recovery process

Restore an account and its wallets based on a user-supplied recovery kit.


Allow end-users to offboard from the Upvest platform and take complete control of all their private keys.

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