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2021: What policy and regulatory trends should European fintechs be watching

The disruption of financial services is driving leaders around the world to redefine the rules of the game, and 2021 seems to be a promising year to deliver on that.

The fintech ecosystem has been able to grow and continue innovating expecting the support of regulators in the upcoming years. But the question still remains, what policy and regulatory trends should European fintechs be watching in 2021? How will it affect the way fintechs operate? And what about Brexit?

Tech London Advocates showed in a recent survey that one in four tech companies in London fear they may not survive the impact of a no-deal Brexit. So, we brought together experts in financial services regulation and public policy to discuss these subjects, and we have the recording available for you!

Our speakers:

Jeremy Grant - Managing Director at Venable LLP

Dan Morgan - European Policy Lead at Plaid

Sabrina Small - Managing Consultant at Lipis Advisors GmbH

Things you'll learn:

  • What are the next steps in open banking and data
  • The latest on what Brexit means for fintechs operating in the UK and Europe
  • What do changes at the European identity program mean for AML and data sharing

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