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Welcome to the Developer landing page. All the resources here are intended to get new users of the API started in the most effective way, through guides, API specifications and software development kits (SDKs).

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How we help you get started
with our Investment API

This section takes you through the process of using our Investment API from start to finish, giving clear examples of day-to-day usage.

•    Access our Postman collections, API spec and sandbox environment.
•    Rely on our robust platform, developed with security first in mind.
•    Share your feedback with us - we value your suggestions and iterate in rapid cycles.

Upvest User and Accounts

Users & Accounts

Our Investment API is structured around users and accounts. The use cases shown here will guide you on how to make the most of available user and account end-points.

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User onboarding

Learn how to set up a user on our Investment API, including user creation and all regulatory checks.

Tax onboarding

Understand the steps needed to declare tax residencies and other identifiers when onboarding a user.

Account opening

Be guided through the process of creating accounts and account groups, using our Investment API.

Upvest Orders and Payments

Orders & Payments

The core activities of users of our Investment API relate to placing orders and processing inbound and outbound payments. The use cases shown here will guide you in the first critical milestone of any implementation: the successful processing of the first order.

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Place your first order

Learn how to use our Investment API to place an account’s first investment order.

Get order states

Understand the order lifecycle, and how to get updates on order states programmatically via asynchronous messages.

Submit your first payment request

Be guided through the process of submitting a user’s first payment request.

Upvest Portfolios


The portfolios feature of our Investment API lets you build a portfolio with any combination of assets. The use cases shown here will help you apply the global and account-specific configurations you need.

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Creating a portfolio  strategy

Learn how you can use our Investment API to apply a bespoke investment strategy to an account.

Trigger a rebalance

Understand how our Investment API can optimise an account’s portfolio against a predefined strategy on a recurring basis.

Enabling portfolio investing

Be guided through the process of enabling an account to use the portfolio-investing functions.

Upvest Savings Plans

Saving Plans

Our Investment API enables automated recurring investments into portfolios through savings plans. The use cases shown here will help you set up a savings plan for an account.

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Create a direct debit mandate

Learn how you can use our Investment API to set up a direct debit mandate for a savings plan.

Setting up a portfolio savings plan

Understand how you can use our Investment API to define a recurring savings amount, set a flexible savings plan interval, and define a configured end date.

Changing a portfolio savings plan

Be guided through the process of changing the order amount or frequency of a savings plan investment.

Upvest Data, Reporting and Taxes

Data, Reporting & Taxes

With our Investment API, you can generate statements automatically for end users. The use cases shown here outline how you can display, retrieve and download user-specific communications.

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How to retrieve a generated report

Learn how our Investment API can leverage asynchronous webhooks to retrieve a user-facing report, currently stored securely.

Displaying available reports

Understand how the report data model can be leveraged in front-end applications to display different report types, apply filters or sort reports in a logical fashion.

Downloading a report

Be guided through the process of enabling the end-user to access and export either pre-generated or requested ad-hoc reports, while maintaining data-privacy standards.