The Blockchain API, Batteries Included

  • Key management and live data
  • One API across blockchains
  • Secure by design

Upvest is a platform that enables developers to
build hassle-free blockchain applications.


Easily generate transactions


Recover user accounts

Live Data

Get live blockchain events

Key Management

Securely manage keys

Key Management Done Safely

It is hard to create genuinely secure private keys and keeping them safe is a challenge.

  • Securely generate keys with strong entropy
  • Private keys are never persisted
  • No single point of failure

Access to Real-time Blockchain Events

Pulling blockchain data is slow and expensive. Often data is delayed, and it is inconsistent because of protocol upgrades.

  • Live data across blockchains
  • Designed for reactive programming
  • Websockets and GRPC for improved reliability
  • Pubsub/Kafka queueS

Get a Reliable State of the Blockchain

Blockchains are massive and querying them is expensive.

  • Scalable modern data store powered by Google
  • Optimized for queryability
  • Unified API for block explorer data

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