May 23, 2024

Upvest and Raisin successfully migrate single-digit billion in AuM over one weekend

Martin Kassing
CEO & Co-Founder
  • Leveraging Upvest's advanced technology and Raisin's expertise, the migration of assets managed by Raisin’s Robo-Advisor was executed seamlessly, minimising disruption for end users.
  • The successful migration showcases the power of cloud-based investment infrastructure in delivering efficient and innovative investment solutions.
  • This project underscores Upvest and Raisin's robust partnership, further empowering individuals to achieve their financial goals via a modern and digital-first investment infrastructure.

Berlin, 23. May 2024 - Upvest, the leading investment infrastructure provider in Europe, and Raisin, Europe's leading marketplace for savings and investment products, are pleased to announce the successful migration of single-digit billion in Assets under Management (AuM). This significant achievement demonstrates the strength of the partnership between the two fintech leaders and their commitment to offering seamless and efficient investment products.

The migration, completed with unparalleled speed and precision via Upvest’s cloud-based Investment API, represents a monumental milestone for both Upvest and Raisin. Leveraging Upvest's cutting-edge technology and Raisin's extensive expertise in the savings and investment space, the transition was executed seamlessly and with minimal disruption.

Kim Felix Fomm, CIO and VP Wealth Management of Raisin Bank, comments, "The successful migration of our largest investment product in terms of AuM over a single weekend is a testament to the expertise and dedication of both the Raisin and Upvest teams. We are grateful for our partnership with Upvest and look forward to continued collaboration as we work together to drive innovation in the fintech industry."

"We are thrilled to have partnered with Raisin on this migration,"
says Til Rochow, Chief Product Officer at Upvest. "And we look forward to continuing to support Raisin in their mission to empower individuals to achieve their financial goals. This accomplishment showcases Upvest's ability to provide robust and scalable infrastructure solutions for established players with existing asset pools."

With this successful migration, Upvest and Raisin have demonstrated their ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver exceptional results. As they continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the financial services industry, both companies remain committed to delivering innovative and modern investment solutions.

About Upvest:
Upvest is on a mission to make investing as easy as spending money. The company empowers other fintechs to offer their end users a wide range of investment products and the best experience in the field of capital market investment and retirement planning. To achieve that, Upvest has developed an Investment API that is easy to integrate so that small and large fintechs alike can save resources and fully focus on their core business.

Upvest is one of the few fintechs in Europe that can provide its B2B clients with the full range of investment opportunities in the areas of principal broking business, proprietary trading, and safe custody business for traditional securities as well as crypto assets. The company was founded in 2017 by Martin Kassing and currently employs more than 150 people at its main hub in Berlin. Its latest €30m fundraising round included participation by BlackRock, alongside its previous investors Bessemer Venture Partners, HV Capital, Earlybird, Notion Capital, ABN Amro Ventures, and 10x Capital.

About Raisin:

Raisin is the world's leading platform for savings and investment products. Founded in 2012, the fintech connects consumers with banks in the EU, the UK, and the US. This gives consumers better interest rates and banks a diversified form of refinancing. Our vision is to offer savings and investments without barriers and thus open up the global +140 trillion euro market. Raisin currently employs more than 700 people from over 65 countries worldwide. Today, the platform manages over 60 billion euros from over 500,000 active B2C consumers who have, through us, accumulated over 2 billion euros in interest through savings products alone.

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