Offer digital assets
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Custody and issuance of securities on the blockchain. You own the UX, we support you with our scalable APIs.

Upvest Custody

Trusted by digital asset leaders


The full-stack infrastructure to offer digital assets

Create new assets and distribute them at fractions to end users. Store the assets and make them easily accessible in your app. Our solution comes with all regulatory licenses. Batteries included.

What our customers say

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Upvest provides critical infrastructure to run an app for digital securities. Their architecture setup would be similar to what we would have built ourselves if we had infinite time!”

Benjamin Jones, CEO

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With Upvest we save 80% in custodial and security issuance costs. Upvest is the only solution that scales globally without compromising the user experience!”

Simon Brunke, CEO

Our partners

Our ecosystem of trusted partners are here to cover all possible scenarios for the full lifecycle of digital assets.

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