Offer investment
products in your app

Upvest provides all building blocks modularly and seamlessly via API. Create an unrivalled end-to-end investment experience for your users.

Securities API

Our Investment API is crafted to scale with you

State-of-the-art API

Fast cloud-based architecture. Near real time client onboarding. Full flexibility to customize your UX.

Cost efficient

Minimal set-up and implementation costs. Low production costs due to 99% process automation.

Modular ecosystem

Access to a broad range of investment products and trading gateways with modular addition.

International setup

Platform with pan-European expansion perspective. Taxation handling and regulatory reporting.

The all-in-one securities infrastructure solution

All building blocks to offer a broad range of investment products to your users.

Upvest product

Fractional investments engine

Support innovative financial use-cases powered by our fractions engine. As an infrastructure provider, Upvest enables you to let your users roundup their coffee in ETFs, or get a cashback in Apple stock. All possible with our programmatic access to fractions.

Fractional investments

Offer (fractional) investment products in your app.


Invest €100 into an Amazon stock.

Round-ups + Cashbacks

Automatic conversion of spare change into securities.


Round up your morning coffee expense and invest it.

Saving plans

Save passively with automated investments.


Dedicate a portion of the monthly salary to investing.


New products and strategies in line with trends.


Invest in a trend portfolio around the topic of sustainability.

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Til Rochow CPO at Upvest

“Through our APIs fintechs can easily develop investment products of today and tomorrow with low integration effort, superior UX and high scalability”.

Til RochowCPO at Upvest

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