September 19, 2022

Ginmon uses Investment API to offer trend portfolio investments into ETFs

Martin Kassing
CEO & Co-Founder

We are happy to announce the go-live of Ginmon’s trend investments with Upvest’s Investment API underneath. Ginmon is one of Germany’s leading digital wealth managers and offers end users a simple way to create wealth via direct investments and saving plans into portfolios of ETFs.

With Upvest, Ginmon is now able to offer simple investments into a portfolio of ETFs with just a few clicks. End users can build their own portfolio and direct debit the investment amounts easily across Europe. The underlying Investment API is seamless across brokerage, settlement and custody. 

Lars Reiner, CEO Ginmon

We are delighted to partner up with Upvest. Today’s legacy brokerage and custody infrastructure became a limiting factor for our company’s growth. Upvest's solution offers us a scalable & borderless option to further expand our business."

Investing in a portfolio of ETFs has never been easier:

1. Pick your trends and ETFs

Choose from a broad range of ETF-based trend investments

2. Choose your desired investment amount and portfolio allocation

Create your own portfolio

3. Create direct debit

Easy payment setup via direct debit

What are the benefits for Ginmon using Upvest?

We are proud that we have created a new standard for investment infrastructure. All based on the cloud via micro services to enable the first end-to-end API experience for investments in Europe. This enables our client Ginmon to reduce costs via automation and to grow with new assets, use cases and countries.

This results in clear benefits for our client Ginmon:

Are you interested in offering single and portfolio investments in stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies to your end users? Or do you need an overhaul of your existing investment stack. Our Investment API has been crafted for you. Contact us!