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Whether you are tokenizing an asset or building an exchange, the Upvest API provides you with all the tools to create great blockchain products.

Build Blockchain Products with Upvest
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Upvest works with some of the world's most innovative blockchain apps in over 80 countries. We are Berlin-based and backed by investors including Holtzbrinck Ventures, one of Europe's largest VCs.

The toolkit to create a great Blockchain experience

Most blockchain products are quite simple: they need a wallet to send and receive tokens. We provide you with all the tools to build this experience with peace of mind.

Non-custodial wallets

Non-custodial wallets

Forget about private keys and browser extensions. Your users can control their wallets with just a username and password.

Real-time webhooks

Real-time webhooks

coming soon

Receiving actionable, meaningful data shouldn’t be so hard. Use our real-time notifications to drive your application.

Historical data API

Historical data

coming soon

Retrieving information gets pretty hairy, pretty quickly; obtain historical data quickly, easily and accurately.

Smart Ethereum Gas fee API

Smart fees

coming soon

Whats’ gas? And why’s it always changing? Take the guess-work out of paying for transactions, always pay the lowest fee for fast execution.

Blockchain forwarding contracts

Forwarding contracts

coming soon

Don’t pre-fund token transfers and leave messy change behind, simplify the process with our sophisticated approach utilizing smart contracts.

Create a wallet experience your users will love

We combine the highest security standards with an easy-to-use API to help you create a user-friendly wallet experience that's all your own.


# Requires the Upvest library with your keys from the Upvest Platform.

# pip install upvest

from upvest.tenancy import UpvestTenancyAPI


# Create a user under your account

user = tenancy.users.create('username', 'password')

recovery_kit = user.recovery_kit

# Create a wallet for this user

from upvest.clientele import UpvestClienteleAPI

clientele = UpvestClienteleAPI('YOUR_CLIENT_ID','YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET','username', 'password')

asset_id = 'deaaa6bf-d944-57fa-8ec4-2dd45d1f5d3f'

ethereum_wallet = clientele.wallets.create(asset_id, 'password')


// Requires the Upvest library with your keys from the Upvest Platform.

// npm i @upvest/tenancy-api

const { UpvestTenancyAPI } = require('@upvest/tenancy-api');

// Create a user

const tenancy = new UpvestTenancyAPI(






(async () => {

const user = await tenancy.users.create('username', 'password');

const recoveryKit = user.recoverykit;


// Create a wallet for this user

// npm i @upvest/clientele-api

const { UpvestClienteleAPI } = require('@upvest/clientele-api');

const clientele = new UpvestClienteleAPI(







const ASSET_ID = 'deaaa6bf-d944-57fa-8ec4-2dd45d1f5d3f';

(async () => {

const ethereumWallet = await clientele.wallets.create(ASSET_ID, 'password');




For developers,
by developers

Create blockchain wallets, send and monitor transactions, with just a few lines of code.

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Supported Protocols:

coming soon

coming soon

Blockchain solutions for every industry

Non-custodial storage for any tokenized asset

You handle the assets, we'll handle the storage and compliance, no matter who your investors are. From real estate to collectibles, we'll help you tokenize any asset without the hassle of a custodian bank.

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Asset tokenization platform

Build a simple wallet, an exchange or a fiat gateway

We’ll help your users to store the assets without the hassle of a custodian bank. They'll be able to access their funds independently from your and our platform.

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Cryptocurrency exchange

Offer payments without the hassle of a custodian bank

From stablecoins to crypto payments, the Upvest API you can offer a user friendly wallet directly inside your application on a global scale.

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Crypto payments application

Store gaming assets with ease

Are you worried that a browser extension wallet might be a conversion killer for your game? With the Upvest API, you can offer the most user-friendly crypto-wallets on the market, directly inside your game.

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Blockchain gaming application
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Security is our priority

At Upvest, security is of utmost importance. We aim to exceed banking-grade security standards and employ industry-leading encryption techniques to ensure that user wallets are always protected.

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Focus on your core business, not compliance

At Upvest, we believe users should always control their own assets. That's why we’ve designed our solution to be non-custodial. Your investors keep control, no third-party custodian or license required.

Why clients love us

“With Upvest we save 90% in custodial and security issuance costs.
Upvest is the only solution that scales globally without compromising the user experience!"

CEO Exporo

Simon Brunke - CEO

Exporo AG

“We think that Upvest's non-custodial wallet solution is quite exceptional as it allows us to keep full control of the user experience, while keeping the level of security very high and making wallets recoverable."

CEO Fairmint

Thibauld Favre - CEO


“With Upvest we save 90% in custodial and security issuance costs.
Upvest is the only solution that scales globally without compromising the user experience!"

Simon Brunke - CEO
Exporo AG

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